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How to get to Northern Cyprus?

by proxy on Jun 7, 2020
How to get to Northern Cyprus?

You have heard a lot about Northern Cyprus, but still do not dare to buy tickets, because you simply do not know where to fly?
There are several ways to get to Northern Cyprus. Now, first things first 📝

1️⃣ By air ☁️
For those who are not afraid of heights and are ready to take a trip by plane, there are several options:

Эр Ercan Airport in Nicosia in Northern Cyprus – direct connections to Ercan exist only from the territory of Turkey, so for all other countries the flight will be carried out in transit with a transfer in one of the cities of Turkey. A special visa to Northern Cyprus is not needed; upon arrival at the airport you are issued a tourist visa from 30 to 90 days, depending on the purpose of your stay.

✅ Larnaca Airport in South Cyprus – there are direct flights from the cities of Russia and Ukraine. In order to fly to Southern Cyprus you need a Schengen visa or a pro-visa (a simplified type of visa for Russia and Ukraine, which can be obtained online by filling out the form on the website of the Cyprus Embassy in Russia or Ukraine)

✅ There is also an airport in the city of Paphos in southern Cyprus, but by the size of the island it is already very far located from the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Saving on a ticket, you will spend a lot of money on a taxi.

2️⃣ By sea 🌊
For those who are afraid of airplanes, there is a wonderful way to get to the island by ferry from Turkey. Some ferries carry out only passenger transportation, while on others you can get to Northern Cyprus by private car (having reached Turkey 🚘 on it)

And which of these options do you prefer? 🗺
Need advice or help with buying tickets and applying for a visa?

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