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Buying Property In Cyprus Regulations For Foreigners

Foreigners are not allowed or restrictions on the purchase of real estate in Northern Cyprus 🚷

The legislation of a number of states prescribes restrictions on the purchase of real estate for foreigners: someone allows only residents to purchase real estate, someone allows you to invest from abroad, but with the permission of local authorities, there are restrictions on the purchase of certain objects and types of real estate, land or specific features for specific customer categories 👆

❓ What are the restrictions on the purchase of real estate exist for foreigners in Northern Cyprus?

Each buyer can register ownership in his name in two houses or three apartments.
❗ Do not confuse ownership and ownership. You can own an infinite number of objects 😳🥳

As for land plots, it is possible to transfer the full ownership right to one donyum of land (about 1350 sq.m.) or 5 donyums of land, provided that there is already a house with a registered right of ownership in this territory 🏠

✅ These restrictions do not apply to local companies if the company is created and registered with the State Registration Department of Northern Cyprus.

So if you have Napoleonic plans to buy up all the land on the island and transfer full ownership, you will need to open and register a company.

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